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100 Products - A goal of Lifetime

Life is strange, complicated, beautiful and many other things but living life is incredible.

One must feel the high's and low's to understand how many colours life has. There must be something meaningful to comprehend the value of life. We often think of life as a luxury that we can't afford and work our ass off to achieve, to acquire and to show off these unmeaningful goals. But there is always more to life, something that cannot be measured.

A goal of life is something you must have of your own and not the one that somebody gave you. It must reflect something that you truly enjoy doing and something that brings an inner happiness to you.

For some people, it's as simple as their family, and for others, it's doing the impossible, for me, it's building and creating products. For me, launching a new product gives me a great satisfaction, it gives me a feeling of a creator and an artist, who spends days in transforming his ideas into his masterpieces, who feels proud when they make even a small difference for someone. That's the feeling that keeps me going.

Setting up my goal in life

Today, I'm setting my goal to create a 100 products, i.e., website, platforms, or apps for the world to use. My goal will be to make them useful to as many people as possible and to have them available for free to some extent so that everyone could play around with my masterpieces and make me proud.

It is going to be very difficult, as creating a 100 products mean months of efforts, but I'm certain I can do it, and I will do it.

I will also try to do write-ups of these products and link them on my projects page, to keep you all updated on my progress. And if you have an idea you want me to work on, then, please feel free to contact me. I will certainly be doing some pro-Bono products. So please shoot me an email if you have anything in mind.

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