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Don't Recommend Laravel!


As developers we often tend to look at things technically and how they can help you build something. The joy of building something meaningful is why we choose Laravel over any other Framework.

The problem with this approach is that this is not enough for your Clients or so called Management. They just want to use the latest buzz word so it looks good on their presentations / reports. They don't know the pains of being a developer and honestly, some of them don't even care.

We need to tackle this problem differently.

We need to explain, more importantly reason with them:


Now that you understand the problem, it's time to take appropriate action over it.

You must understand there is no magic phrase that can compel your clients or management for using Laravel. I've been fortunate enough in convincing my clients for Laravel but their have been times where it was a very close call and a few times I did Fail too.

Although, there is no single way of doing this but still their is one thing very important that will actually help you in great lengths i.e. being a great listener. Just like being a great listener is good for your relationship with your partner, it's also good for your partnership with your clients/management too.

Start by asking them these simple questions

Then just relax and listen to everything they have to say and take note of things that you can use later for explaining how Laravel will help e.g.

There are so many ways Laravel helps us in quickly developing our application that if we can just explain a few of them properly, they will agree with you and may even understand why we love it.

Bullet Points ( If Needed )

Mostly by following the above steps you yourself will be able to come up with points you can make for explanation but if you are short on them, you can use any of the following:


There is not secret sauce for getting your client to believe in you and just trust you blindly, you need to be reasonable enough and see things through their eyes. You must understand what is it that they need or are worried about the most and propose Laravel as a savior. This has worked for me through my many ventures and hope will also workout the same for you too.

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