Frustrations of being a freelancer

Freelancing is a lot like riding a rollercoaster, you get a lot of ups and downs, the only difference is that it doesn't always end smoothly.

Being a freelance developer comes with a lot of perks. You all must have experienced or heard about the freedom that comes with being a freelancer like setting your working hours, freedom of selecting your projects and best of all, working from the comfort of your home/home-office.

It all seems like a dream come true for some but trust me when I say this, "it's not." We do enjoy the freedom that a freelancer gets, but with all good things, there is always a catch. With all the great things that come our way there are equal evil things too, and sometimes they get insanely frustrating.

Just to list a few of these frustrations:

  • clients think they have bought you,
  • there is no end to deadlines,
  • all additional features are your problem,
  • there is no meaning of fixed scopes,
  • payments are always supposed to be late,
  • you are always expensive, no matter how much you get done in a day,
  • you always need to be more professional, no matter what you do

and the list goes on and on...

It's not that you always get these kind of clients who are never happy. There are times when you get very good clients too, who are prompt of solving issues and puntual on payments. I've been lucky enough to work with a lot of clients like these. It's just that from time to time you get stuck with bad clients and there just doesn't seem to be any limit to these frusturations.

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