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GIT.WTF!?! Figure out ways to fix GIT screw-ups

We developers have a very serious problem, we are frustrated with it, we want it to be fucking destroyed, but at the same time, we can't leave without it. The name of this problem is GIT.

For most of us, Git is fucking hard!!! We make mistakes all the time. Whether is it committing to the wrong branch or pushing a development code to master or merely forgetting to add a specific file in a fix. These problems happen all the time and every fucking time we are so frustrated that we can't even remember the right solution or just don't know it.

On top of all that Git documentation has this needle in the haystack problem, where finding a solution is not just messy but tiresome to unless you already know what you need. We just don't know where to look and what to look for e.g., I didn't know before that you can actually check for conflict markers left inside code by merely running git diff --check, or you could actually set a setting to avoid fixing same merge conflicts again and again. I didn't know these things before I started this project and I've been doing development for more than 10 years(NO I'm not a bad developer, I just didn't know them).

This is where GIT.WTF comes in, Its simply put a curated list of articles with some of the major pain points and their solutions to help you and me overcome our frustrations and do our jobs peacefully. Hope you guys will love it as much as I do.

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