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I originally built GIT.WTF after getting inspired by what Katie was doing on OhShitGit, I like her idea of having ready to use commands for most common git problems, the only thing I didn't like was that she limited these commands to only a few handful git problems. I WANTED MORE!! and that's where came into the picture.

I've been working on from a long time now, I want a lot of things for it, but the thing I want the most is to genuinely help someone with it. This would give me the satisfaction of spending all those hours on it and knowing that made a real difference for someone.

The iterations I've done so far, I've been a little short-sighted on what this needs to be and what it actually can be. I've been focusing on building a fancy looking blog instead of a resource that helps in finding the best solution out there for all of our git problems.

So moving forward, I'm going to focus on things that matter the most by starting to build new features and re-doing some of the old systems. I already have some plans on how I can make it better but If I'm going to do this right, I'll need every bit of support I can get from the community.

To make this transition simpler, I'm going FULLY OPEN with all my plans, designs, docs, basically everything I've so I can build a transparent eco-system on how anything is done for this project and what my plans are for the future.

The first of these changes are starting a project on github with all my todo's and plans for what's coming:

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