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Why Don't Use X!?!

We try our best to explain that everything built has a specific reason and different use cases. If we use them anything other then that, then it can give us problems at times. I may work great but might also make things difficult too.

So understanding the tech, it's purpose and why it's beneficial instead of blindly relying on it is very important. Mostly these discussions are on several different topics but some of them keep popping out a lot like why not NoSQL, why not MicroServices or why not X? All I can say in these situations is IT DEPENDS.

Most of these technologies are quite great at what they do. I definitely don't say that they are bad or you should not use them. Even sometimes they should be the only choice. But again all these things depends on the kind of infrastructure you wanna set up and more importantly the kind of setup that is actually needed.

Because of all these reasons, I've started to curate a list of great articles on these topics or in a more accurate sentence, articles on "Why Don't Use X?". Hopefully, these will be good enough for explaining all this and most importantly one would be able to take the right decision.

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